R040101: The Windows Script Host

What is WSH?

The Windows Script Host (WSH for short) is software supplied by Microsoft. The following RTG products require it:

  • RTG Backup
  • RTG Restore
  • RTG Update
  • RTG Scripts

RTG Backup, RTG Restore, and RTG Update are programs that we include with RTG Bills. You can get the latest version of these three programs, at no charge, from here.

RTG Scripts is an add-on product for RTG Bills. It is sold separately. A complete description is here.

If you don't have WSH, or you have an old version, or the installation is damaged, you will get error messages. A typical error is this:

Run-time error '429'
ActiveX component can't create object


Do I have it?

WSH is installed as part of Windows itself for Windows XP and later versions.

To see whether you have WSH installed, and the version number, right-click this link and choose Save Target As or Save Link As:

Right-click here to download the test script

You should save the file sdemo.vbs on your desktop. If Windows saves it as sdemo.vbs.txt, rename it back to sdemo.vbs. Double-click the icon to run the test script. You may see a security warning. Click Open. You should see a message box that says something like this:

Windows Script Host version: 5.8

This should work with RTG Scripts.

If you don't have WSH, or the version is older than 5.6, the RTG software that requires WSH will not work. You must have Windows XP or above. Try installing the latest versions of RTG Backup, RTG Restore, and RTG Update.

If that doesn't solve the problem, you must repair or upgrade your version of Windows.


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