R030301: Cannot Reprint Bills


When you try to reprint a bill, RTG Bills says:

No historical bills were found for 2/28/03

where the actual date in the message is the fee and expense cutoff date of the bill you are trying to reprint.

Similarly, if you set the options for printing bills to print more than one copy, you get one copy and then this message appears.



This problem only occurs in the following situation:

  • You are using (or previously printed bills using) RTG Bills Version 2.09.

  • You checked Use fee/expense cutoff date as Bill Date in Setup>Other>Firm (or it was checked at the time the bill was printed).

RTG Bills Version 2.09 mistakenly stores the "historical bills" under the date they are printed instead of the Bill Date. In previous versions the two dates were always the same.

In order to reprint a bill that was created under these circumstances, choose Bills>Historical Bills and specify the date the bill was printed. You can get the date from the Matter Ledger. Although the date of the bill transaction will be the cutoff date, the description will say, for example, Printed on 3/11/03.

Any bills printed with Version 2.09, when the fee/expense cutoff date is used as the Bill Date, will have this problem. Subsequent versions of RTG Bills will not "misfile" any more bills, but they will not correct bills created by Version 2.09.

If you are using RTG Bills Version 2.09, you can avoid this problem by upgrading to the current version of RTG Bills.


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