Copying The Installation File

The Installation File

This page describes how to copy the RTG Bills installation file to another computer.

Like most programs, RTG Bills and RTG Timer require many files to run. However, it is not convenient to transfer many separate files over the Internet, so we bundle all the files into a single file called the installation file.

The installation file looks like an ordinary program (in other words, it is an EXE file). And, in fact, you copy it to your hard disk and double-click it to begin. But when you do, it splits itself up into many files and then it starts a setup program to begin the installation.


Copying The File

If you want to download the program on one computer, but install it on a different computer, consider how you will copy the installation file. Here are some possibilities:

  1. High-capacity removable media
    The simplest way to copy the installation file is to put it on a USB flash drive. The installation file is small (about 8 megabytes) compared to the capacity of a flash drive.

    Or, if the computer you use to download the installation file has a recordable CD or DVD drive, you can put the installation file on a CD or DVD. If the destination computer has a CD or DVD drive, even if it does not record CDs or DVDs, it should be able to read it. This approach has the advantage that you now have a backup of the installation file, in case you need to install it again at a later time (say, after a hard disk crash).

  2. Network connection
    You can copy the installation file over the network to each computer on which you need to install RTG Bills or RTG Timer.
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