RTG Conflicts User Licenses

RTG Conflicts user licenses

This page explains RTG Conflicts user licenses.


What to order

Your initial purchase of RTG Conflicts allows one user, named Supervisor, to use the software. Included is a License Key for the Supervisor. That key cannot be used for anyone else.

If only one person will use RTG Conflicts, no additional licenses are required. However, having only one License Key means:

  • Anyone who uses RTG Conflicts must log in as Supervisor.

  • Only one person at a time can use RTG Conflicts.

To remove these restrictions, you must purchase additional user licenses.

For each user license that you purchase, you get one License Key. Then you can enter another user name and the License Key to allow access by an additional person.

For example, if you purchase just one License Key, then you can have two simultaneous users. One user must log in as Supervisor and the other logs in with a name you have chosen.

The Supervisor is special.
Because the Supervisor can perform tasks that no one else can, such as backing up the database and removing passwords, you may decide that you don't want anyone to log in as Supervisor for normal day-to-day operations. In that case, you should purchase a License Key for every user.

Replacing a departed user.
Should a user leave the firm and be replaced by a new person, you can use the same License Key for the new person. Just enter the new person as a new user, delete the License Key from the departing user, then enter the same License Key for the new user.

Do not delete a departing user from RTG Conflicts, and do not change the user name, because searches are identified by the user who performed them.


What you get

When you purchase an RTG Conflicts user license, there is nothing to download. What you do get is a License Key. It will look similar to this (possibly without the hyphens):


This one happens to be the Supervisor's License Key that you get with RTG Conflicts.

When you place your order, you will get an email message that contains the License Key. If you order from BMT Micro, it will be called a Registration Key.

Each License Key may be assigned to one user in RTG Conflicts.


Enter the key

After you receive a License Key, you must enter it into RTG Conflicts.

  1. Start RTG Conflicts and choose Setup > Users.

  2. If the security system is off, a message says so. Click OK. Enter a password for the Supervisor to turn on the security system.

  3. Click New to create a new user. Enter the user's name and click OK. This is the name the user must enter to log in to RTG Conflicts, so keep it short.

  4. A message points out that the user has no password. Click OK.

  5. Make sure the name of the user is highlighted and click the Edit License Key button. Enter the License Key here, then click OK. If the key is entered wrong, or if it has been assigned to another user, you will get an error message.

  6. Click Close.

The User List, a report in RTG Conflicts, shows all the users and the License Keys that you have entered.



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