Updating RTG Conflicts

Free updates

From time to time, RTG offers free updates to RTG Conflicts. Typically, updates are minor changes that fix problems or provide enhancements. For example, updates are used to provide new reports.


How to install an update

Here are detailed directions for installing an update to RTG Conflicts.

  1. Right-click the RTG Conflicts icon and choose Run as administrator. (This is required in newer versions of Windows in order to install new software.)

    Click Yes if you are asked whether to allow this program to make changes to your computer.

  2. From the RTG Conflicts menu, choose:
    File > Update > Yes

  3. At the Update RTG Conflicts window, click Check The Internet For Updates. Expect a pause while the software gets a list of available updates from the RTG Web site.

  4. At the Internet Update window, check the box for the update you want to install, then click Install.

  5. The update is downloaded and installed. Click OK at the message which tells you how many updates were installed.

  6. If you have now installed all available updates, you will see another message that says so. Click OK.

  7. You are once again at the Internet Update window. Click Close.

  8. You are back at the Update RTG Conflicts window. Click Close.
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