Known Problems in RTG Conflicts


No software is perfect. When problems are found in RTG Conflicts, they are reported here.

Each problem is listed under the version of the software where it was first reported. In some instances, the problem may have affected previous versions.

In general, you can expect that each version fixes all of the problems reported for the previous version. We encourage you to use the latest version of RTG Conflicts at all times.

To make suggestions for improvements, or to report problems, send a message to RTG.

Version 1.07

  1. Import problem
    If a client is imported from RTG Bills, or a party code is entered directly, it is not possible to import parties related to that client because the source codes do not match. Similarly, if a matter is imported from RTG Bills, or a matter code is entered directly, it is not possible to import parties related to that matter because the source codes do not match. Fixed in V1.07a, which lets you specify the source code of the clients or matters that the imported parties should be related to.

  2. RTG Users error
    When you choose Setup > Users, you may see an error message that the database cannot be found. To fix this problem, install V1.07d.

  3. "The field is too small" error
    This error occurs when a conflicts search is saved if the target party name is the maximum size (60 characters) and the name contains an ampersand. Fixed in V1.07e.

Version 1.06

  1. Installation error
    The Data Location entered during the installation may not be read correctly by the program, resulting in an error message that says the database cannot be found. However, then you can enter the correct location and it will be saved properly. Fixed by V1.07.

Version 1.05

  1. Import problems
    The IGNORE many command does not work correctly. Also, it is limited to ignoring 19 fields. If a quotation mark is entered as part of the file name, an error occurs when the configuration for the import is read the next time. All fixed in V1.05a.

  2. Report formatting
    The Notes field on reports was not word-wrapped properly. Fixed in V1.05a.

Version 1.04

  1. "MRU full"
    This error occurs if one party has many relationships. Fixed in V1.05.

  2. Report formatting
    The text on some reports runs off the end of the page. Fixed in V1.05.

Version 1.03

  1. Parties by Code
    This report should let you select either All Codes or One Code, but it always includes all codes. To fix the problem, install upgrade 280.

Version 1.02

No problems reported at this time.

Version 1.01

  1. Entering licensed user
    When you start RTG Conflicts for the first time, you are asked to enter the name of the licensed user. The name you enter is displayed each time RTG Conflicts starts up.

    If you then choose Setup > Users, errors occur and the licensed user name is not saved. To work around this problem, enter the licensed user and then exit from RTG Conflicts. After that it will work correctly.

  2. Vista compatibility
    This version was not compatible with Windows Vista, but Version 1.02 is.
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