RTG Conflicts Version 1.02

Version 1.02

RTG Conflicts 1.02 provides compatibility with Windows Vista. (Released March 23, 2007.)

We suggest the use of Windows XP or Windows Vista with this version. While it should work with Windows 98 Second Edition or later, we do not test compatibility with versions of Windows older than XP.

Warning: If you upgrade RTG Conflicts to V1.02, you must also upgrade RTG Bills to Version 2.17 in order to use it with RTG Conflicts.

Changes in
this version

  1. Separation of programs and data
    The previous version of RTG Conflicts let you select a database location, but it still wrote some files in the program location. That is no longer true.

    The standard location for the RTG Conflicts programs is this:
    C:\Program Files\Rtgconf
    After installation, no data is written there. This change was required for compatibility with Windows Vista, which does not allow applications to change files in the Program Files folder.

  2. Standard data location
    Although you are free to choose any directory that you have permission to read and write in, RTG Conflicts now considers the standard data location to be this:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RTG\RTG Conflicts\
    for Windows XP, and this:
    C:\ProgramData\RTG\RTG Conflicts\
    for Windows Vista/7. These locations are recommended when RTG Conflicts will be used by one person and not shared on a network.

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RTG Conflicts

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