R151007: Delete Duplicate Fees and Expenses - V2.27+


Sometimes, importing data from RTG Timer or RTG Timer Online can result in duplicate items in RTG Bills.

  • Duplicates can be created if a remote user fails to rename a file of released items after the data has been sent to RTG Bills. The next time data is released, the new items will be added to the old items in the file. Sending the file to RTG Bills will cause it to import the old items a second time.

  • Duplicates can also be created if an RTG Bills user downloads more the once the same file of items which were released from RTG Timer Online.

  • If a user of RTG Timer or RTG Timer Online "unreleases" items, perhaps because they were released by mistake, duplicates may be created. This might happen if the user thinks they are only unreleasing items that have not been transferred to RTG Bills, but some of the items have, in fact, already been transferred.


The program offered here is only designed to work with RTG Bills Version 2.27 and above. If you have a lower-numbered version, go here.



Starting with Bills/Timer V2.25, each item contains a sequence number that is based on the time of creation and is likely to be unique. So we can sort by that number and check for duplicates.

Here we describe a small program that will check for duplicate fees and expenses. If it finds two items with the same sequence number, the same timekeeper, and the same matter number, it deletes one of the items.

  1. Back up your data. We recommend using File > Backup in RTG Bills. If anything goes wrong, you can restore your data using File > Restore From Backup.

  2. Start RTG Bills. Right-click the RTG Bills icon and choose Run as administrator. When RTG Bills appears, choose:

    File > Update > Yes > Check The Internet For Updates

  3. Ignore the list of updates. Click the Special button.

  4. On the Special Updates window, find Delete Duplicate Fees & Expenses and click that item. A checkmark should appear next to it.

  5. Click Install to install this update.

  6. If the update is successful, the program will tell you that one update was applied. Click OK, Close, and Close again.

  7. Start RTG Bills again. Choose File > Tools from the menu. You should see Delete Duplicate Transactions in the list of tools. Select it and click OK.

  8. The program should appear with the title Delete Duplicate Fees and Expenses. Click Delete Duplicates. The results are displayed.

  9. Choose File > Exit to leave the program.

Questions about this procedure should be directed to RTG Support.


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