R120301: Fix Split Bills


Split billing uses a primary matter to distribute fees and expenses to two or more secondary matters. If you print a bill for a secondary matter by entering its matter number, rather than the matter number of the primary matter, the bill is created but it cannot be canceled.

This problem was fixed in RTG Bills V2.24, which won't allow you to print a bill for a secondary matter by entering its matter number. You must request a bill for the primary matter instead.

You may have bills that were created for a secondary matter in RTG Bills versions prior to V2.24 and cannot be canceled. The solution presented here will allow you to cancel those bills.



First, you should determine the bill number of the bill that cannot be canceled. You can find the bill number on the Matter Ledger of the secondary matter.

You will install a small program that will fix the problem in the database, after which you will be able to cancel the bill in the usual way: Bills > Cancel Bills.

  1. Back up your data. We recommend using File > Backup in RTG Bills. If anything goes wrong, you can restore your data using File > Restore From Backup.

  2. Start RTG Bills. (If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7/8, right-click the shortcut and choose Run as administrator.) When RTG Bills appears, choose:

    File > Update > Yes > Check The Internet For Updates

  3. Ignore the list of updates. Click the Other button.

  4. You should see a window entitled Enter An Update Number. In the box, type the number 431. Click OK.

  5. You should now see that Update number 431 has been added to the list of updates. It should have a checkmark next to it. Click Install to install this update.

  6. If the update is successful, the program will tell you that one update was applied. Click OK, Close, and Close again.

  7. Start RTG Bills again. Choose File > Tools from the menu. You should see Fix Split Bills in the list of tools. Select it and click OK.

  8. The program should appear with the title Fix Split Bill. Enter the Bill Number and click Fix. A message will display the results.

  9. Click Close to leave the program.

This procedure does not cancel the bill, but it makes it possible for you to cancel the bill by choosing Bills > Cancel Bills in RTG Bills. Choose One Matter and enter the matter number of the bill, then click Cancel Bills.

Questions about this procedure should be directed to RTG Support.


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