R100301: Two letterheads


RTG Bills stores a single letterhead design for all of your bills. When you save a bill format, the letterhead design is combined with the design of the bill format to produce the instructions that print the bills.

Sometimes, firms want to use different letterheads on different bill formats. But if you change the letterhead design, the previous design is lost.



To solve this problem, we note that the letterhead is combined with the bill format only when the bill format is saved. If we change the letterhead, the changes won't appear on the bills until we save the bill formats again. By renaming some files, we can create more than one letterhead design and get different letterheads on different bill formats.

The design of the letterhead is stored as "bill format" 255:

Setup > Bill Formats

Create your first letterhead design, then create and save a bill format to go with it. When you save the bill format, it incorporates the current letterhead design.

The design of your letterhead is saved in the file fmt255.rtg, which is in the same location as the RTG Bills database. To see where that is, start RTG Bills and choose:

Setup > Database

Two things make this more difficult. First, the folder may be hidden, as described here:

Can't find database

Second, the filename extension (.rtg) may not be shown, as described here:

Filename extensions

Once you find the file, rename it to fmt255-1.rtg. That's your first letterhead design.

Now you can create a new letterhead design for the second letterhead.

After you have designed the second letterhead and saved it, you should create a new bill format to go with it and save that bill format. This second bill format will use the second letterhead design.

Change the name of fmt255.rtg to fmt255-2.rtg. That's your second letterhead design.

You can repeat this process to create additional letterhead designs: fmt255-3.rtg, fmt255-4.rtg, and so on.

Suppose you need to change a bill format. If you make changes and save the bill format, it will incorporate whatever letterhead design is currently in the file fmt255.rtg. So you need to rename the appropriate file before you edit the bill format.

For example, before you change the first bill format, you should rename fmt255-1.rtg back to fmt255.rtg. Then you can edit and save the bill format and it will still have the correct letterhead. After you save the bill format, rename the letterhead file again, from fmt255.rtg to fmt255-1.rtg.


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