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Filename extensions

Q: In the program folder, I see several files with the same name (e.g., rtgbills). How can I tell them apart?

A: You can tell Windows to show the file extension, which consists of a few characters after the period in the filename.

In Windows 10, open File Explorer. From the menu in that window, click View. In the Show/hide section, check the box for File name extensions.

For older versions of Windows:

Open Windows Explorer. For example, double-click My Computer under XP, or Computer under Vista or Windows 7, then double-click the C drive. Then, from the menu in that window, choose, in XP:

   Tools > Folder Options > View

or, in Vista or Windows 7:

   Organize > Folder and Search Options > View

In the list of Advanced settings, deselect (i.e., remove the checkmark from):

   Hide extensions for known file types

Now you should be able to distinguish, for example, the RTG Bills program (rtgbills.exe) from the RTG Bills database (rtgbills.mdb) and the RTG Bills settings (rtgbills.ini).