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Bookkeeping software

Q: Does RTG Bills work with bookkeeping software like QuickBooks?

A: RTG Bills is a complete "accounts receivable" system. It handles all the details of your clients and their matters, including trust accounting.

Generally, there is little connection between RTG Bills and bookkeeping software if you let RTG Bills handle the details of clients and matters.  (We're assuming cash basis accounting.) The only everyday transactions that affect both are client expenses and client payments.


Expenses that represent costs advanced for a client must be identified by matter number in RTG Bills, but that is not necessary in the bookkeeping system. There they go into an account such as Advanced Client Costs.

When you enter these expenses in QuickBooks, you can put the appropriate matter number in the Memo column. Then RTG Bills can import the expenses from QuickBooks. The details of how this is done are available in the RTG Bills help information:

Help > Contents > Other Topics > Importing QuickBooks Transactions


In RTG Bills, client payments must be applied to the appropriate matter.  Again, that is not necessary in the bookkeeping system if it does not have client-matter details. However, you do have to "split" the portion that pays fees from the portion that pays expenses. The fee portion goes into an account such as Fees Received, while the expense portion goes into an account such as Reimbursed Client Costs.

One way to handle this is to enter the client payments into RTG Bills first. Uncheck Automatic Allocation and use the Balance Due information to decide the allocation to fees and expenses. For partial payments, you may wish to look at the Matter Aging report to decide the allocation based on aging (if you want to pay the oldest amounts first). 

Then you can use the Payments and Adjustments by Date report to see the allocations and the totals. You might consider entering just the totals for fees (Fees Received) and expenses (Reimbursed Client Costs) in the bookkeeping software - just two numbers. The details of each client payment are available in RTG Bills.