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Overflow error

Q: When I start RTG Bills (or RTG Timer), I see an "overflow" error and the program won't start.

A: This occurs under the following (rather unusual) circumstances. Suppose you open RTG Bills and make the window very large, but do not click the maximize button to make it full-screen. Then you move the window to the right until most of it disappears off the screen. Close the program there. When it opens again, it should appear completely on the screen, not barely showing as when you closed it.  Instead, you get the "overflow" error and you cannot start the program.

To work around the problem, delete the file rtgbills.ini (for RTG Bills) or rtgtimer.ini (for RTG Timer). These files are in the folder where RTG Bills or RTG Timer is installed. The program will start normally.

Those files store various program settings, which will be reset to their default values. For RTG Timer, this includes the location of the RTG Bills database.

The problem is fixed in RTG Bills and RTG Timer V2.17.