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Finding the Data Location

Q: The System Information report shows a Data Location that includes ProgramData, but I can't find the folder. Where is it?

A: The standard data location is:

C:\ProgramData\RTG\RTG Bills\

This is the standard data location for RTG Bills and RTG Timer (starting with Version 2.17) when the data is not shared on a network.

Unfortunately, the ProgramData folder is hidden. (This is Microsoft's design, not RTG's!)

How to View Hidden Folders

Windows 11:

Open File Explorer and choose:

View > Show > Hidden items

Windows 8 & 10:

Open File Explorer and click the View tab, then check the Hidden items checkbox.

Windows 7:

From the Start Menu, click Computer, then double-click the C drive. Then, from the menu in the Explorer window, choose:

Organize > Folder and search options > View

In the list of Advanced settings, select:

Show hidden files, folders, and drives

Click OK.

Now that you can see the ProgramData folder, navigate to the RTG Bills folder by double-clicking each portion of the path:

ProgramData > RTG > RTG Bills

One solution to finding the folder more easily (after you find it the first time) is to right-click on the RTG Bills folder and choose Create Shortcut (or Show more options > Create shortcut). Then move the shortcut somewhere convenient, perhaps onto your Desktop.