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Locked records

Q: Why does RTG Bills say that a record is locked by another user?

A: When you are editing a client, matter, retainer account, fee, expense, payment, or adjustment, that record is locked to prevent other users from changing it. When you click Save or Cancel, the record is unlocked.

The message could be correct and another user is editing a record. You can't create a bill, for example, if another user is editing a fee that could appear on that bill. In that case, wait for the other user to finish editing the record.

There is, however, another possibility. If something goes wrong while you are editing a record (for example, your computer crashes) and you can't click Save or Cancel, the record will be left locked.

The solution is to delete the lock file, rtgbills.ldb, which is in the Data Location (where all the RTG Bills data files are located). Be careful: rtgbills.mdb is the RTG Bills database and you definitely do not want to delete that file. Delete the LDB file, not the MDB file!

If you cannot delete the LDB file, restart the computer where the file is stored, then delete the file.

For RTG Timer, the same instructions apply, except the file is named rtgtimer.ldb.