R080601: 'PrimaryKey' is not an index in this table


You may see this message ('PrimaryKey' is not an index in this table) when you try to view or print either prebills or bills. It indicates that your RTG Bills database is corrupted.

If the only problem is the one stated in the message, that an index is missing, it is easily corrected. There could be other problems in the database, of course. For that reason, you may want to create a backup of your data (File > Backup) and send the two backup files to RTG for analysis.



Follow the instructions in this article:

R151008: Repair Bills or Timer Database

Complete the steps listed there for the Fix RTG Bills Database program.

Your database may now be fixed. Exit from the Fix RTG Bills Database program.

Try to view a prebill or a bill to see if the problem is resolved. If it is, we suggest you look at the following reports to identify any remaining problems:

Verify Matter Balance
Verify Retainer Balance

If those reports show problems, you may have lost data from the database. Instructions for fixing these problems are here:

R151001: Fixing An Incorrect Matter Balance

R151002: Fixing An Incorrect Retainer Balance

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