RTG Bills Online: Getting Started

1. Username and password

When you signed up for RTG Bills Online, you were asked to choose a username for the Supervisor. You should receive an email message from RTG with the username and password for the Supervisor.

The Supervisor can add users, up to the limit imposed by your subscription. During the free trial period, you are allowed a maximum of three users. The Supervisor can also delete a user when a person leaves your firm.

Each user can change his or her own password.


2. Supervisor

A Supervisor can decide which other users will have Supervisor privileges.

A Supervisor can edit the information for your firm's users, including their full name, email address, and Supervisor status. A Supervisor can make any other user a Supervisor, or remove Supervisor status from any other user.

A Supervisor can also determine which timekeepers can be accessed by each user. For example, most likely an attorney will access only his or her own data, but a legal assistant or an office manager may need to access data for more than one timekeeper.

A Supervisor can determine which users have access to RTG Bills Online. All users have RTG Timer Online access, but RTG Bills Online access must be granted separately. Users who only enter fees and expenses do not need access to RTG Bills Online.

Other things that only the Supervisor can do include:

  • Edit bill formats
  • Set firm-wide options, such as the date format
  • Create a backup of all RTG Bills data
  • Change any user's password

3. Converting from RTG Bills

If you are currently using RTG Bills on a PC, you probably want to convert all of your data to RTG Bills Online.

You may want to do this even if you haven't yet decided whether to switch permanently to RTG Bills Online. That way you will have real data in RTG Bills Online that you can compare to RTG Bills on the PC.

We have detailed instructions for converting your PC data:

Converting to RTG Bills Online

4. Sign in to RTG Bills Online

The Supervisor should sign in to RTG Bills Online:

Sign in to RTG Bills Online (opens a new tab)

The first time you sign in, you will have a temporary password. The Welcome page will appear so you can choose a permanent password. Enter it in both boxes and click Save.

If you use a password manager such as Bitwarden, verify that the new password has been saved.

If this is a trial period, click Next at the Trial Period page.


5. Do startup tasks

Unless you have converted from RTG Bills on a PC, you won't have any data in RTG Bills Online. During the trial period, you may see the Startup Tasks page. Before you can create a bill, you must enter a timekeeper, create a rate table, enter at least one client and one matter, and create a bill format. In order to use RTG Timer, you must be granted access to a timekeeper. These task are listed in the left-hand column. The right-hand column shows whether or not each task has been completed.

Each task is a link to the page where you can complete the task. Some tasks must be completed by a Supervisor, so if you are not a Supervisor, those tasks will not be links.

You may choose to perform these tasks now, or you can click Menu to proceed to the RTG Bills Menu.

After all the tasks are completed, you won't see the Startup Tasks page the next time you sign in to RTG Bills Online. You will go directly to the menu.

If you see the RTG Timer Menu, look in the Links section and click RTG Bills Menu to go to the RTG Bills Menu.


6. Enter timekeepers

Anyone who bills time or expenses is considered a timekeeper. Each timekeeper has a timekeeper number, initials, and a name. Whenever you need to enter a timekeeper for a fee or expense, you can enter either the number or the initials.

If you converted your data from RTG Bills on a PC to RTG Bills Online, your timekeepers are already entered into RTG Bills Online. You can skip to the next section.

At the RTG Bills Menu, click the Tables tab, then click Edit Timekeepers. Enter your firm's timekeepers. Return to the RTG Bills Menu when you are done.


7. Assign timekeepers

To perform this task, you must be a Supervisor. If you are not, skip this section.

From the RTG Bills Menu, click the Links tab, then click Supervisor Menu. If you wish, you can look at a Timekeeper List from the Supervisor Menu (under Reports) to check your work.

Next, you must assign timekeepers to each user, to tell RTG Timer Online which users can enter data for which timekeepers. Click Edit Users on the Supervisor Menu (under Actions). On the Select a User page, click on a timekeeper. You should choose yourself first.

On the Edit a User page, verify that your email address is correct. This is important, because it is the address that RTG will use to contact you regarding RTG Bills Online.

Still on the Edit a User page, you can specify which timekeepers can be accessed by this user. As a Supervisor, you may want access to all timekeepers. You must add them to the list one at a time. Select a timekeeper from the dropdown list, then click the Add button. Repeat this for any other timekeepers you must access. When you are done, click Save.

Back at the Select a User page, you can select another user and assign timekeepers. Repeat this process for each user.

When you are done, click the Done button on the Select a User page to return to the Supervisor Menu. You should check your work by looking at the User Access to Timekeepers report (under RTG Timer Reports).

On the Supervisor Menu, click the link to return to the RTG Bills Menu (under Links).


8. Browser settings

RTG Bills Online opens a new tab to show PDF versions of bills and reports. Pop-up blockers can prevent this tab from appearing. Both RTG Bills Online and RTG Timer Online also open a new window to show help information. Some pop-up blockers also prevent the help window from appearing.

For RTG Bills Online to work correctly, you must turn off the pop-up blocker in your Web browser. We have instructions that explain how to do that for various browsers. In RTG Bills Online:

Help > How-To Guides > How to Turn Off the Pop-up Blocker

Check that RTG Bills Online can display a PDF file. From the RTG Bills Menu, click the Reports tab, then click Standard Reports. In the list of reports, scroll down to Timekeeper List and single-click to select it. Then click the PDF button. After a brief pause, a new tab should open with the report displayed in it.


9. Convert bill formats

If you have been using RTG Bills on a PC, you will need to convert your existing bill formats to work with RTG Bills Online. Instructions are here:

Converting Bill Formats to RTG Bills Online

10. Read the tutorial

If you are not familiar with RTG Bills, please read the tutorial!

The tutorial explains how to:

  • use the help system
  • enter billing rates
  • create a bill format
  • enter clients and matters
  • enter starting balances for your matters
  • and much more.

To view the tutorial, click the Links tab, then click RTG Bills Tutorial.


11. Sign out

When you are finished using RTG Bills Online for the day, you should sign out. Signing out ensures that no one else can gain access to RTG Bills Online by using your computer and pretending to be you.

Also, if you don't sign out, you may prevent RTG from upgrading your firm to a newer version of the RTG Bills Online software.

From the RTG Bills Menu, click the Sign Out button near the top of the page to sign out. Or you can click the Links tab, then click Sign Out. Wait until you see the page that says, You are signed out.

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