R090801: Timekeepers in RTG Timer Online free trial


RTG Timer Online offers a one-month free trial, during which you may have up to three users.

Normally, RTG Bills is used to upload clients, matters, timekeepers, and codes to RTG Timer Online:

File > RTG Timer Online > Upload RTG Bills Data

However, RTG Bills only uploads timekeepers that have an RTG Timer license key. You get one free RTG Timer license key with RTG Bills, so you can only upload one timekeeper unless you purchase additional RTG Timer licenses.



If you need additional timekeepers during the free trial period, you can enter them from the Supervisor Menu. Be sure to use the same timekeeper number that they have in RTG Bills.

This is a partial solution. There are still two limitations:

  1. Should you upload RTG Bills data again, perhaps to update the list of clients and matters, the timekeepers you added will be lost and you will have to enter them again.

  2. In addition, you should not release fees and expenses for any timekeeper that does not have an RTG Timer license. RTG Bills will not accept the data without a license.

Of course, you can remove these limitations by purchasing RTG Timer license keys, either during or after the trial period for RTG Timer Online.

However, the license keys are non-refundable, so you may want to put off purchasing them until you decide that you want to use RTG Timer Online after the trial period.


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