RTG Timer Online: How It Works

1. Upload

Your firm's Supervisor (a user chosen for this role) transfers data from RTG Bills on a PC to RTG Timer Online. All of the firm's clients, matters, timekeepers, and codes are copied to a database on our server.

Upload data from RTG Bills to server

2. Time and expense entry

Users enter time and expenses into RTG Timer Online.

No software is required on the user's computer, other than an up-to-date copy of a Web browser.

Each user can release the transactions when they are ready to be billed - just like RTG Timer on a PC.

Enter fees and expenses with RTG Timer Online

3. Download

Released fees and expenses, from all users, are transferred from our server to the Supervisor's PC, where they are read by RTG Bills.*

Download fees and expenses from server to RTG Bills

*Requires an RTG Timer license for each timekeeper.


4. Prepare bills

The fees and expenses are now in RTG Bills, just as if they had been entered directly into RTG Bills or RTG Timer on a PC. They can be edited and billed whenever you wish.

Use RTG Bills to prepare bills

Free trial

Try it for one month with no cost or obligation. Up to three users can participate in this free trial period.

Sign up now for the free trial

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