R070701: Timeslips Conversion Report

User-defined report

To get your Timeslips client data into RTG Bills, you need to create a User-Defined Report in Timeslips. The precise details will vary somewhat depending on which version of Timeslips you have.

  1. In Timeslips, choose Reports > Create a Report to start the Create a Report wizard.

  2. Choose Create a completely new slip-based or client-based report.

  3. At the Select Style for User-Defined Report window, choose Client Detail.

  4. At the Select Fields for User-Defined Report window, set Group to Client.

    Then add these fields by choosing them from the Available list and clicking > to add them to the Selected list:

    Clie.Nickname 1
    Clie.Nickname 2
    Clie.Full Name
    Address Line 2
    Address Line 3
    Address Line 4
    Client City, State Zip
    Phone Number 1
    Phone Number 2
    In Reference To
    Fee Balance
    Cost Balance
  5. At the Select Print Destination window, choose CSV file (comma separated).

Save this report and name it rtgcsv.

Run the report and save the output in a file named tortg.csv. Save it on the Desktop or somewhere else where you can easily find it.


Reading the data

The next step is to read the Timeslips data using RTG Bills Convert, which is described here:

Reading Timeslips Data

You must use the following settings:

  1. City, State, ZIP: One combined field
  2. Balance Due: check Fees and Expenses

These settings are necessary to read the data properly. The other settings (Conversion Date, Conversion Type, and Matter Address) are up to you. They only affect how the information is stored in RTG Bills, not how it is read.


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