Converting From Timeslips 6, 7, or 8 for Windows

Timeslips 6/7/8 Conversion

You can convert your client information from Timeslips* 6, 7, or 8 for Windows into a format that the RTG Bills conversion program can read.

  1. Start TSReport (the main Timeslips program).

  2. From the menu, choose:
    Reports > Client > User Defined...
  3. You should see the Client Reports window. Click the Template... button.

  4. You should see the User Defined Client Report window. For the Style, choose Detail.

Now you must enter the Field and Format for each item of information that we need.

Notice that there are three buttons below the table of fields and formats: New adds a new item to the end of the list, Insert adds a new item above the highlighted item, and Delete removes the highlighted item.

When you click New or Insert, a new item is added to the list. Initially, it says New Field in the Field column and the Format column is blank. You have to make choices from the Field and Format drop-down lists (below the three buttons) and then click Accept. This will complete the new entry in the table.

To summarize the procedure, here is how you add an item to the bottom of the list:

  1. Click New.

  2. Select Name/Address (for example) from the drop-down list under Field.

  3. Select Address Line 2 (for example) from the drop-down list under Format.

  4. Click Accept to put these choices in the list.

You should now add or delete items from the existing list until you have the following items in the list, in the correct order:

Name/AddressNickname 1
Name/AddressNickname 2
Name/AddressFull Name
Name/AddressAddress Line 2
Name/AddressAddress Line 3
Name/AddressAddress Line 4
Name/AddressCity, St and Zip
Name/AddressAddress Line 6
Name/AddressPhone Number 1
Name/AddressPhone Number 2
TextIn Reference To
BalancesCurrent Balance

When the list on your screen looks like this list, click the Save As button and use the name rtgcsv to save this "template." Then click the OK button.

You should be back at the Client Reports screen.

Under Output To select File. Click Print.

Output the information in "Interchange Format" to a file with the name tortg.csv. This is the file which the conversion program will read.

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