Support Policy for RTG Online

Email Support

There is never a charge for technical support.

It is our policy to do all support via email. Here's why:

Web: We find that very often we can answer questions by referring to specific pages on our website. It's hard to do that over the telephone.

Priority: Also, by using email, we can prioritize incoming questions, so the most critical problems can be addressed first.

Think: Finally, we like being able to think about a tough question before answering. That's hard to do when someone is waiting on the line for an immediate answer.

Contacting RTG

We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about RTG Bills, RTG Timer, or RTG Conflicts, either before or after you subscribe to RTG Online.

Click here to contact us.

Please include the following information:
  1. Who you are
    If the subscription (or free trial) is under a different name or email address, please tell us that.

  2. What application you are using
    Is it RTG Bills, RTG Timer, or RTG Conflicts? If RTG Bills, is it the desktop version or the tablet (touchscreen) version? If RTG Timer, is it the desktop version or the phone version?

  3. What problem you encountered
    If you are getting an error message, try to include the exact wording of the message.

After you send your inquiry, you can expect a quick response. Sometimes, during business hours (on the West Coast of the U.S.), we respond within minutes. On occasion, it may take 24 hours. Beyond that, something is wrong.

No response?

You sent us a message and 24 hours later you haven't received a response. Something is wrong!
  1. If your mailbox is full, you will never get our response. Send yourself a test message to see if it arrives.

  2. Make sure you are not blocking messages from Some overly-aggressive spam filters won't allow our messages through. Usually you can add to a whitelist (allowed senders) to prevent this problem.

Every now and then we get a message from somebody who complains that we never answered their previous message. We answer every support request we receive! Perhaps we never received your message. Or maybe we sent a response and either it was blocked at your end or it was returned to us as undeliverable. If you don't hear from us, please make sure your email system is working.

If your email system works, try sending your message again. There is always a tiny chance that your message was "lost in the mail" or that we missed it in the flood of spam we receive every day.

Other Resources

There is a great deal of support information available on this website. The Support Page has links to this information.

For a comprehensive view of everything on the RTG website, look at the Site Map.

In addition, there is important information available in each application:
  1. Tutorial
    Each application has a tutorial that will guide you through the most common operations for that application. For RTG Bills:
    RTG Bills Menu > Help > RTG Bills Tutorial
    For RTG Timer:
    RTG Timer Menu > Help > RTG Timer Tutorial
    For RTG Conflicts:
    RTG Conflicts Menu > Links > RTG Conflicts Tutorial
  2. The Help System
    Nearly every page has a Help button. Click the button to open a small window with help for that page. Also, for RTG Bills, choose:
    RTG Bills Menu > Help > Help Home Page > Special Topics for RTG Bills
    Here you will find detailed information about some of the more complex features of RTG Bills.

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