July 2002

Klez Worm, Part 2

The Klez worm, which we discussed in May, continues to arrive in our mailbox nearly every day. As we discussed then, it arrives as an e-mail attachment. If you open the attachment, and you don't have anti-virus software installed to prevent it from running, it will delete programs on your hard disk.

The worm appears to have grown in size. The last four copies we received had these sizes (in bytes): 156,085, 249,324, 152,862, and 127,817. These are quite large, especially if you receive them over a dial-up connection.

You can screen out such large attachments. Most POP3 clients, like Eudora or Outlook, will let you specify a maximum message size. Any message over that size will not be downloaded from the mail server to your computer. In Eudora, we've set the maximum size to 80 KB, which passes most messages but rejects most worms.

Of course, a large attachment could be a legitimate document. If the message is over the maximum, Eudora shows you the message body and the total size of the entire message, including the attachment. You can click a button to download the attachment if it is something you want. It will be downloaded the next time you check for mail.

RTG Upgrade

We recently released RTG Bills Version 2.08. There are no new features, but it fixes some small problems encountered in Version 2.07. It also includes a new version of RTG Upgrade, which is needed for the forthcoming RTG Scripts.

With RTG Upgrade, we have largely automated the upgrade process for our free upgrades. If you have an active Internet connection, RTG Bills will check the RTG Web site to see what free upgrades are available. It compares them against a list of upgrades that you have already installed and only shows you the new ones. You can choose the ones you want to install, click Install, and the rest should be automatic.

Nothing is perfect. Several people have encountered errors that were caused by not having a complete installation of the previous version. If you are missing files, or if some files are from a version different from the previous version (whether older or newer), the upgrade may not work. For example, some people found they were missing unzip32.dll, which should have been installed with Version 2.04.

If you have the complete installation file for the previous version (purchased either as a downloadable file or on a CD), you can reinstall the program. That should fix any missing or outdated files. Then you can use RTG Upgrade to go to the next version.

However, if the latest installation file you have is not for the previous version but rather for a still older version, it can be tedious to fix such problems. You need to install the program and then do all the upgrades again. At that point, it's usually a lot simpler and more reliable to purchase the RTG Bills Upgrade (on CD or downloadable) for $15. It can save a lot of time.

Spelling And The U.K. Dictionary

Most people using RTG Bills and RTG Timer are located in the United States. So it is not surprising that our standard spelling dictionary uses U.S. spelling conventions.

In a small step toward accommodating the rest of the English-speaking world, we are now offering a U.K. dictionary. Version 2.07 and Version 2.08 can both download the dictionary from our Web site.

You'll find information about how to change RTG Bills or RTG Timer to use the new dictionary on a special page on the RTG Web site.

Sometimes spelling conventions are not uniform even within the U.S. or the U.K. Our spell checker allows you to add words to the dictionary and to remove words from it, so you can customize the spell checker to conform to your own preferences.

Occasionally we have had reports that the spell checker didn't work. It was reported to accept any spelling of any word whatsoever. It turned out, in those cases, that the fee and expense descriptions were entered in all caps. By design, our spell checker accepts any sequence of capital letters.

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