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No valid timekeepers

Q: When I run RTG Timer, it says "No valid timekeepers." But I entered the timekeepers in RTG Bills. What's wrong?

A: Start RTG Bills and check that you entered a Timekeeper Key for each timekeeper that should appear in RTG Timer. You always get one Timekeeper Key with the purchase of RTG Bills and RTG Timer. For instructions, see the section entitled Enter A Timekeeper in the RTG Bills Tutorial.  Choose Help > Tutorial in RTG Bills.

You can purchase more licenses for RTG Timer. See Order RTG Timer Licenses.

If you have entered at least one Timekeeper Key in RTG Bills and you still get this message, you haven't set RTG Timer to read the RTG Bills database. This is described in detail in the RTG Timer Tutorial, in the section entitled Communicate With RTG Bills. You can start the tutorial by choosing Help > Tutorial in RTG Timer.

For standalone operation of RTG Timer (no network connection to RTG Bills), instructions are here.