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Network installation

Q: Where do I install RTG Bills and RTG Timer on my network?

A: For RTG Bills Version 2.17 and above:

You need to create a folder on the network that can be shared by everyone who will use RTG Bills or RTG Timer. Users need permission to read and write in that folder. This is where the RTG Bills data is stored. For example, it might be:


You also need a separate folder for each person who will use RTG Timer. These folders can be on a network drive or on a local PC drive. Each RTG Timer user needs read and write permission for his or her folder. For example, it might be:

\\MyServer\Rtgbills\User1 for user 1

\\MyServer\Rtgbills\User2 for user 2

and so on.

When you install RTG Bills or RTG Timer, you will be asked to supply a program location and a data location. For the program location, choose this:

C:\Program Files\Rtgbills

When you install RTG Bills for a user, the data location is always the shared RTG Bills data folder. When you install RTG Timer for a user, enter that user's unique RTG Timer data folder.

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