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RTG Offers Timekeeping Software on Palm Computer

Santa Monica, California; January 2, 2001 -- RTG has announced the release of RTG Timer HE for Palm handheld computers. RTG Timer HE lets you enter fees and expenses on a Palm organizer. It works in conjunction with RTG's PC-based time and billing programs, RTG Bills and RTG Timer.

RTG Timer HE uses Palm's HotSync technology to copy clients, matters, rates, and codes from the desktop computer to the Palm computer. At the same time, released fees and expenses are copied from the Palm computer to the desktop computer. All of this is accomplished with one press of the HotSync button.

"Many people want to use a Palm computer to enter fees and expenses when they are away from the office, then transfer that information to the desktop for client billing," according to Robert Hallem, president of RTG. "With RTG Timer HE, they can do just that."

"RTG Timer HE is very similar to RTG Timer, our desktop software for fee and expense entry, which we include with RTG Bills," Hallem added. "That makes it easy to learn for anyone already familiar with our desktop software."

RTG Timer HE includes an easy-to-use stopwatch. The stopwatch keeps running if you switch to another Palm application, or even if you turn off the Palm computer. The hourly rate is supplied automatically based on the matter and timekeeper, just as it would be in RTG Bills or RTG Timer on a PC.

RTG Timer HE is licensed in a similar manner to RTG Timer. When you purchase the initial RTG Timer HE license for $50, you get all the necessary programs for the Palm computer and the PC. You also get one RTG Timer HE key, which allows one timekeeper to use the program. Additional keys can be purchased for $25 to allow additional timekeepers to use the software.

RTG offers a free demonstration version of RTG Timer HE on the RTG Web site. The demo works just like the full version, and it includes the same tutorial. It even transfers the complete client and matter list to the Palm computer, just like the full version. The only limitation of the demo version is that you cannot get the fees and expenses out of the Palm computer and into the PC. In effect, you can enter fees and expenses but you cannot bill them.

RTG Bills is designed for small law firms and sole practitioners. It combines the ease-of-use of Windows with the power and reliability of a relational database. RTG Timer, included with RTG Bills, uses a computerized "stopwatch" so that attorneys can time their work as they perform it. RTG Timer can communicate with RTG Bills over a network, or it can be used independently on a notebook computer or a home PC.

RTG Bills and RTG Timer are compatible with Windows Me, Windows 98, and Windows 95, and with any network which supports Windows PCs. RTG Timer HE is compatible with handheld computers running Palm OS Version 2 or above. RTG offers free demonstration versions of RTG Bills, RTG Timer, and RTG Timer HE on its Web site at so that potential buyers can evaluate the programs before they purchase them.

RTG Data Systems was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. RTG publishes software for the legal profession.

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