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RTG Adds Features To Time and Billing Software

Santa Monica, California; April 10, 2002 -- RTG has announced a new release of RTG Bills, its low-cost time and billing program for Windows.

"In this new release of RTG Bills, each matter can have several retainer accounts," according to Robert Hallem, president of RTG. "Although they are referred to as retainer accounts, they can be used for trust accounts as well."

A single matter might have a fee retainer account, an expense retainer account, and a trust account. At the firm's option, a retainer can be applied automatically to the balance due when a bill is printed.

In addition, a new update feature will make it easier for a firm to keep their copy of RTG Bills current. By contacting the RTG Web site, the software can obtain a list of updates. Only relevant updates - those that work with the user's software and have not yet been applied - are shown to the user. The user picks items from the list and the selected updates are downloaded and installed with no further user intervention.

Version 2.07 offers many new features, including:

  • Multiple Retainer Accounts
    Each matter can now have more than one retainer account, so you can have one account to pay fees and another to pay expenses. Each account, as an option, can request replenishment when it falls below a specified balance.

  • Client-Level Retainers
    Previously, all retainer accounts were matter-level accounts, meaning that they could only be applied to a specific matter. Now you can also create client-level retainer accounts, which can be applied to any matter for a specified client.

  • Maximum Fee
    You can set a maximum fee for a matter. If the fees to be billed would cause the fees to date to exceed the maximum, the prebill shows a warning message. A new Maximum Fees report shows the maximum fee and the fees to date for each matter that has a maximum fee.

  • Easier Updates
    RTG Bills and RTG Timer can now check the RTG Web site for the latest upgrades and add-on programs. You can choose the updates you want to install and let the program automatically download and install them for you.

    If you have several copies of RTG Timer running on a network, you can download upgrades from the RTG Web site to a shared folder on your file server. Then each copy of RTG Timer can upgrade from the shared folder.

  • Historical Client Cover Pages
    As previously, when a client has more than one matter being billed, a Client Cover Page can be created to summarize the bills for the client. With the addition of client-level retainers in this version, the Client Cover Page has the added function of summarizing the activity in client-level retainer accounts.

    To go along with this added importance, the Client Cover Pages are now saved. Just as you can print any past bill, you can now print any past Client Cover Page.

RTG Bills is designed for small law firms and sole practitioners. It combines the ease-of-use of Windows with the power and reliability of a relational database. RTG Timer, included with RTG Bills, uses a computerized "stopwatch" so that attorneys can time their work as they perform it. RTG Timer can communicate with RTG Bills over a network, or it can be used independently on a notebook computer or a home PC.

RTG Bills and RTG Timer Version 2.07 cost $75, which includes one license for RTG Timer. RTG's Web site offers free upgrades from previous releases of Version 2.

Related products include RTG Timer HE, for fee and expense entry on a Palm organizer, and RTG E-Bills, for the creation of electronic bills.

RTG Bills and RTG Timer are compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98, and Windows 95, and with any network which supports Windows PCs. RTG offers free demonstration versions of RTG Bills and RTG Timer on its Web site at so that potential buyers can evaluate the programs before they purchase them.

RTG Data Systems was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. RTG publishes software for the legal profession.

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