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Duplicate RTG Timer transactions

Q: Why am I getting duplicate RTG Timer transactions in RTG Bills?

A: Here is the short answer: After you copy the file Timer.xfr from the RTG Timer computer to the RTG Bills computer, you must delete it on the RTG Timer computer. A more detailed explanation follows.

This problem can occur if RTG Bills and RTG Timer are on separate computers with no network connection between them. When you release transactions from RTG Timer, they are written to the "transfer" file, Timer.xfr. Presumably you will copy this file to a USB drive or other removable medium and then read it with RTG Bills.

RTG Timer cannot tell when you have copied the Timer.xfr file to the RTG Bills computer. If you don't delete the file, new transactions will be added to the old ones already in the file the next time you release RTG Timer transactions. When you take this file to RTG Bills, it will read both the old and the new transactions. The duplicates are the old transactions that RTG Bills has now read twice.

You can avoid this problem if, after you copy Timer.xfr to a removable medium, you immediately rename it on the hard disk. Although you could delete it, it is safer to keep it until you are certain that RTG Bills can read the file.

This problem does not arise when RTG Bills and RTG Timer can communicate over a network, because in that situation RTG Timer writes the released transactions directly into the RTG Bills database.

Duplicates created by RTG Bills V2.25 or above can be deleted by the special program described here.