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Spell check doesn't work

Q: The spell checker seems to accept anything I type.  It never finds mistakes, even if I purposely misspell a word.  What's wrong?

A: Are you typing the descriptions in all caps?

There seems to be a never-ending variety of all-caps organizations: ABA, DEA, FBI, NRA, NAACP, MPAA, etc.  We avoid trying to keep up with all of them by accepting any "word" consisting of upper-case letters and nothing else.

The spell checker will reject combinations of letters and numerals, such as PG13.  (If you are referring to the film rating, it should be PG-13.)

You can easily see if the spell checker is working.  Create a new fee transaction and type some words in the description (not all caps!), including a few errors.  Click the Check button.  That will check the transaction on the screen.