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Archiving transactions

Q: How do I archive billed slips?

A: This is a question often asked by former Timeslips users. In general, the answer is that you don't need to archive billed fee and expense transactions (i.e., "slips"). They can stay in the RTG Bills database indefinitely. With the size and speed of today's hard disks, disk space is no longer a problem.

RTG Bills is designed so that you don't normally see billed transactions. When you want to look at fee and expense transactions, you choose a matter number and you can see the unbilled transactions for that matter, most recent first. You won't see billed transactions unless you check a box to include them.

Yes, there is a way to delete a matter with all of its transactions (fees, expenses, payments, adjustments, and bills). When you delete a matter, all of this information is placed in an archive file, so it can be restored if necessary. We don't recommend this, except for matters that were created by mistake, or perhaps test matters that you use for experimentation. Real matters can (and should) stay in the database.

You can close a matter to prevent further transactions from being entered by mistake. And you can hide a client so that inactive clients don't clutter up the client list.