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Rounding in RTG Timer

Q: How does rounding up hours work in RTG Timer?

A: People are sometimes confused when they specify rounding up to the next tenth of an hour in RTG Bills, but they don't see the hours rounded up in RTG Timer. Here we will explain how it works.

A brief explanation:

When you specify rounding up to the next tenth of an hour in RTG Bills, RTG Timer still shows hundredths of an hour.  But when you release transactions from RTG Timer for billing, they are rounded up to the next tenth.

A more detailed explanation:

Suppose, in RTG Timer, that you turn on the stopwatch and time 0.24 hours, then turn it off.  The Hours Reported shows 0.24.  After working on something else, perhaps, you go back to the same transaction and time another 0.12 hours.  They get added together, so Hours Reported is 0.36.  When you release the transaction, it gets rounded up to 0.4 hours.

If RTG Timer rounded up each time the transaction was saved, the first interval would become 0.3 and the second one would become 0.2, so the total would be 0.5.  But you only worked for 0.36 hours on this transaction, so we think it is more accurate to round it to 0.4.

Since RTG Timer doesn't know how many intervals you will add to a transaction, it doesn't do any rounding until you release the transaction.