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Run-time error '481'

Q: When I start RTG Bills, I get an error message that says Run-time error '481' followed by Invalid picture.

A: This error can be caused by a corrupted file on your system. The bad file might be one of the RTG Bills program files, or it could be a bad Windows system file.

Two possible solutions:

1. Un-install RTG Bills to remove the program files. This will not change your data files. Then re-install RTG Bills. See Re-installing RTG Bills.

Note that you will need to know the Data Location, which is the folder where RTG Bills data files are stored. See Where is RTG Bills installed?

2. Fix damaged system files with System File Checker. Search online for "windows system file checker" to find the Microsoft instructions. Make sure you are following the instructions for your version of Windows.

Hint: At this time, the Microsoft page has the title Using System File Checker in Windows.

This is not a user-friendly procedure. If you are not familiar with using the command prompt, you may need to ask a local expert to assist you.