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Invalid format for importing data

Q: Why does this message appear when I try to import RTG Bills data into RTG Timer?

A: If RTG Timer is not connected to the RTG Bills database, it needs to import your clients, matters, timekeepers, and codes. One way to do that is to read that information from a file, totimer.xfr, that was exported by RTG Bills.

This error typically occurs if you send the totimer.xfr file as an email attachment. Sending the file over the Internet changes the line-ending characters so that RTG Timer cannot recognize the data.

If you are sending the file by email, you should create a ZIP archive first. Email programs won't change the content of a ZIP file, but they will change a text file. You must ZIP the file at the sending end and un-zip it at the receiving end.

If you happen to have a text editor such as Scite or UltraEdit, they have the ability to fix the problem. Change the line-ending characters (at the receiving end) to the Windows or DOS format (carriage return + line feed) instead of the UNIX format (line feed only), then save the file with the changes.

You can avoid this issue entirely by using RTG Timer Online for remote entry of fees and expenses.