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Two locations

Q: Can I install RTG Bills on computers in two different locations?

A: We'll assume you want to see the same data in both locations. We also assume that you need RTG Bills in both locations because, for example, you want to enter payments or print bills in both locations. If you only want to enter fees and expenses in one location, you can use RTG Timer there and RTG Bills in the other location.

Given that you need RTG Bills in both locations, there are two different scenarios:

1. Simultaneous access from two locations

Two different people need to use RTG Bills, each in a different location. The solution is to use RTG Bills Online:

2. Sequential access from two locations

One person wants to use RTG Bills from two different computers, perhaps an office computer and a home computer. Only one computer will be used at a time.

The simplest solution is RTG Bills Online.

It is also possible to do this with the Windows PC version of RTG Bills, but you must be very careful that when you move from one computer to another, you move all of the RTG Bills data files with you. If you fail to do this, you will have two RTG Bills databases with different data and no way to synchronize them.

One solution is SugarSync, an online service that synchronizes data between your computer and cloud storage. Set it up to synchronize the RTG Bills Data Location, so that any changes to the data files are copied to the cloud storage. When you move to a different computer, any changed files are copied from the cloud storage to your computer.

You must be careful to allow SugarSync to sync the data on each computer before you turn off the computer (so it can upload any changed files), and also before you start RTG Bills on a different computer (so it can download any changed files).

If you don't want to use cloud storage, another solution is to synchronize the files with a USB flash drive that you carry between computers. Two applications that can do this are Microsoft's SyncToy and Siber Systems' GoodSync.

Whichever solution you choose, it is important to understand that you must synchronize the files before you move from one computer to the other. If you forget, you will have two RTG Bills databases that cannot be merged. You will lose the changes in one of them.

We also want to emphasize that these solutions only work when one person is using two different computers. You cannot, even with SugarSync's cloud storage, have two people using the same database at the same time. Data will be lost! Use RTG Bills Online instead.