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Change address on bill

Q: How do I change the firm name and address on the bills?

A: The address on the bills comes from one of two places:

1. The firm name and address shown here:

Setup > Other > Firm

2. The letterhead, bill format 255, which you edit here:

Setup > Bill Formats

The bill format for each matter determines which of these two sources is used.  If you edit the bill format, choose Edit Sections, and look on the Header 1 tab, you will see four choices in the Firm Name And Address frame.  If you choose any of the first three, then #1 above is used. If you choose the fourth one (Use Letterhead Design), then #2 above is used.

If you change the letterhead, you must save each of the bill formats afterwards.  This is explained in more detail here: Can't change letterhead.

The bill format also offers the option to show the firm name and address on pages after the first one. That setting is on the Header 2 tab of the Edit Sections window. If you select this option, it always uses #1 above.