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Suppress bills with zero balance

Q: Can I avoid printing bills that show a zero balance due?

A: Yes, you can. RTG Bills offers the option to skip bills if the balance due is zero and there are no new fees or expenses. You will find the option here:

Bills > Bills > For Matters > Options

For example, with the option to skip bills checked, no bill is printed when the only activity is a payment that pays the balance due in full. The payment will appear on the next bill that has fees or expenses.

There are two important points to note about this feature:

1. The payment transaction will appear on the next non-zero bill. However, the option is ignored if you choose One Matter to bill, so you can print a final bill if the matter is now closed and there will be no subsequent bills.

2. There were serious problems with this option in RTG Bills Version 2.14 and 2.15. Do not use this option unless you have RTG Bills V2.16 or above.