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Can't change letterhead

Q:  I edited the letterhead format (bill format 255), but the bill didn't change.  Why not?

A:   RTG Bills lets you design a letterhead to include on the first page of your bills and on Client Cover Pages. Detailed instructions are here.

However, when you change the letterhead (bill format 255), it does not automatically change the actual bill formats that use the letterhead. You have to edit each bill format (if you have more than one) and click Save -- that is the point where it combines your bill format with the letterhead.  From then on, the bill format will have the modified letterhead.

So, for example, select bill format 001, click Edit, then click Save. It doesn't seem as if you have changed anything, but from then on, bill format 1 will use the new letterhead.

There is one other thing to check.  Edit the bill format and make sure you are using the letterhead design.  Click Edit Sections and verify (on the Header 1 tab) that Use Letterhead Design is selected.

Technical explanation:
When you design your bill format (Setup > Bill Formats), you create the file fmt01.rtg (for bill format 1).  When you design the letterhead, you create the file fmt255.rtg.  These files store the choices you have made.

When you edit the bill format and click Save, RTG Bills saves your choices in fmt01.rtg.  At the same time, it creates the actual format file used to print the bills, bill01.rtg, by combining your choices for the bill format with your choices for the letterhead.

So if you change the letterhead design (fmt255.rtg) but you do not save the bill format, you haven't changed the actual bill format file (bill01.rtg) and the letterhead on the bills won't change.