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Cannot find report

Q: Why do I get a "cannot find report" error?

A: A report format is missing from the Data Location.

The report formats are files stored in the Data Location that you chose during installation. If you moved the data but you did not use the installation program to install the reports in the new location first, you will get this error. Or, perhaps, the file was deleted.

The solution is to install RTG Bills again, specifying the correct Data Location.

Re-installing RTG Bills

In addition to built-in reports, the Custom Reports package offers even more reports. If the report number is 700 or above, it is a custom report (e.g., the file rept951.rtg is report 951).

The Custom Reports package includes report formats only (no programs), so you can install it once to put the report formats in the Data Location. You do not need to install it on every PC.

Custom Reports

For versions prior to V2.23 only:

If you use RTG Reports, a free update, install that again also. It installs both a program (in the program location) and report formats (in the Data Location). If you moved the data and left behind the report formats, you will get this error message. Installing RTG Reports will fix it.

Note that RTG Reports must be installed on each PC in order to make the reports available on that PC.