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Activity Summary and Task Summary

Q: Why don't these reports show my transactions?

A:  In order to work, these reports require that you set the activity table and the task table for each matter that you want to see on the reports. Edit the matter and enter them on the Codes tab. A matter that uses the standard code table will not appear on the reports.

The reason for this requirement is that these reports are most often used in conjunction with e-bills. Matters that require e-bills generally require a specific set of activity codes and, possibly, task codes. These are the matters whose transactions we want to see on the reports.

We do not want to see transactions from matters that use an activity code table just as a convenience for entering, say, photocopies. So if you create a code table for such items, and make it the standard code table, your ordinary matters can use it without appearing on these two reports.

Note: Update 448 for RTG Bills V2.26 changes these reports to show all transactions.