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Summarize a client's matters

Q: How do I summarize all the matters for a client, so they can see the total due?

A: After you print all of the bills (at least for this client), you can print a Client Cover Page: Bills > Client Cover Pages.

Each Client Cover Page shows the matters for one client.  Matters are included only if a bill was printed.  Also shown is the total amount due.

If the client pays with a single check, you must enter a separate payment transaction in RTG Bills for each matter.  Your copy of the Client Cover Page will show how much was due for each matter.

Some firms handle a large number of matters for a single client.  The client wants a single bill, with a single total due, which they will pay with a single check.

To RTG Bills, this is really a single matter.  Create one matter in RTG Bills for all of the client's matters that should be included together on one bill.  Use the description of each transaction to identify the client's matter.