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Interim bill

Q: Normally we bill monthly, but sometimes we receive a partial payment during the month.  How can we send an interim bill that shows the payment and the new balance, without including any new charges?

A: To prevent new fees and expenses from appearing on the bill, edit the matter and click the Billing-1 tab.  In the Bill frame, change the selection from Both to Neither.

An interim bill should not have late payment charges.  If you use late payment charges, click the Codes tab and change Late Payment Charges to No late payment charges.  This will prevent a late payment charge from appearing on the bill, even if you print the interim bill after the Due Date of the previous bill.

Click Save to save these changes to the matter.

Now you are ready to print the interim bill.  Click the Bills button, choose One Matter, and enter the matter number.  Click the Today button.  By using today's date as the cutoff date for payments and adjustments, you will include all such transactions that have been entered into RTG Bills.  (The cutoff date for fees and expenses is irrelevant, because you set the matter so it would not bill them.)  Click Print to print the bill.

After you have printed the bill, be sure to edit the matter and change it back to bill Both fees and expenses again.  If you changed the Late Payment Charges setting, change it back to its previous setting as well.