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Image file corrupted

Q: When I try to reprint a bill, I get the message, This image file is corrupted.  The bill prints correctly.

A: If RTG Bills exits while a bill is being printed, or if the computer itself crashes, the bill images that RTG Bills saves will not be complete.  This error message appears as RTG Bills reads the image file in order to recreate a saved bill, which occurs when you choose Bills > Reprint Bills or Bills > Historical Bills.

Often the requested bill will be printed and you can ignore the error message.

Bill images are stored in the Oldbills folder, which is in the RTG Bills folder.  The files in that folder have names like 20030819.bil, which contains bills that were printed on August 19, 2003.  In other words, the file names have the format YYYYMMDD, representing the bill date.

RTG may be able to fix a corrupted image file.  You need to figure out which file is causing the problem, based on the bill date of the bill you are trying to reprint.  Then contact us for further instructions.