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Printing envelopes

Q: When I print envelopes, the address does not appear in the right place.

A: Let's suppose you want to print an envelope for one client.  Edit the client and click the Envelope button on the Edit A Client window.

You will see the Print Envelopes window.  Enter your return address and check the Print Return Address checkbox.

To print properly, the printer must know that you want to print envelopes.  Click the Next button.  The Print window appears.  Choose the printer you wish to use.  Click the Preferences button.

The appearance of the Printing Preferences will vary with different printers.  You need to find the setting for the paper size.  When you find the paper size setting, set it for the size of your envelopes (e.g., #10 Envelope).  Click OK to return to the Print window.

Put an envelope in the printer and click Print.

If the envelope is basically correct, but you want to move the addresses a small amount, click Setup on the Print Envelopes window.  Here you can set how far from the edges of the paper to print the To Address (the client's address) and the From Address (your return address).  You can change the font as well.

If the addresses are not in the right orientation, you either put the envelope in the printer incorrectly, or perhaps you need to change the orientation (portrait or landscape).  Once again, click Next, select the printer, and click Preferences to find the orientation settings.

RTG Bills remembers your settings, including the return address, paper orientation, and paper size.  (It also remembers the paper bin and whether to print simplex or duplex, if your printer has those settings.)  The next time you print an envelope, you should be able to click Print when you see the Print window, without changing any settings.