RTG Bills

How To Enter A Retainer

Before you can enter a retainer, you must create a retainer account for the matter. If you haven't already done that, see How To Create A Retainer Account.

Click the Payments button to begin entering a retainer.

Select the matter for which you received the retainer from the client.

Click New to create a new transaction.

Verify that the date and matter number are correct. Type a description for this transaction. The description will appear on the bill for this matter.

Change the Type from Payment to Retainer.

Enter the amount you received from the client.

If you previously set the standard retainer account for this matter, the retainer account will be filled in automatically. However, you can always click Select to choose a different retainer account.

Click Save to save the transaction. The amount you entered will be added to the balance for this retainer account.

Click OK when you see the message that the transaction was saved. Click Cancel if you have no further transactions to enter.

The transaction you just entered will appear in the list of transactions.

Click Close.

The End

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