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Type mismatch printing a bill

Q: When I try to view or print a bill for one particular client, I get this error message:

Type mismatch
RunPgm: Section 1, item XX

What's wrong?

A: You may have accidentally entered a tab character into the client address.  Edit the client and click inside the Client Address box.  The insertion point moves to the end of the address.  It may move to the line after the last line of the address, but indented, which indicates the presence of a tab character.  Press the Backspace key to delete the tab character.  Click Save to save the client information.

The tab character probably got in there when you typed the address, pressed Enter, then accidentally pressed Ctrl-Tab instead of Tab to move to the next field.  Or perhaps you meant to press Shift-Tab to move to the previous field.

When RTG Bills creates a bill, it needs to put the client address on the bill.  But it misinterprets the tab character, which causes the error message to be displayed and prevents the bill from being created.

This error can also be caused by a tab character in the Matter Address box.  If there is anything in the Matter Address box, RTG Bills uses the matter address instead of the client address on the bill.  Therefore, a tab character in the matter address can cause the same error.