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Canceled bills by mistake

Q: I recently canceled all my bills from last month by mistake. Is there any way of undoing this without printing all of the bills again and wasting a lot of paper?

A: As far as RTG Bills is concerned, you do have to print them. But they don't have to come out on paper.

The exact details may vary a bit in your version of Windows. Microsoft has changed some of the terminology from one version to the next. But the idea is the same: pause the printer, "print" in RTG Bills, then delete the print job.

Go to the Printers folder and find the printer. Right-click and choose Pause Printing. Now start RTG Bills, click the Bills button, and "print" the bills. (Make sure the cutoff dates are the same as the canceled bills.) Nothing will print because you have paused the printer.

Now double-click the printer icon in the System Tray (lower-right corner). You will see a window for this printer. It shows the "jobs" waiting to print. Choose Printer > Purge Print Documents from the menu. It may take a few seconds, but the printer "job" should disappear. Choose Printer > Pause Printing to uncheck that option.

RTG Bills thinks you printed the bills, but no paper was wasted.