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Wrong client-level retainer balance

Q: The client-level retainer balance is not zero, but when I try to enter a Use Retainer transaction for some of the client's matters, I can't because the balance appears as zero.  What's wrong?

A: This is a bug in Versions 2.07, 2.08, and 2.09.  It was fixed in Version 2.10.

This problem occurs under these conditions:

1. You are trying to enter a Use Retainer transaction for a matter that is different from the one that was used to enter the client retainer transaction.  (It shouldn't make any difference which of the client's matters you use to enter a client-level retainer.  Because of the bug, it does make a difference here.)

2. The matter has no other payment and adjustment transactions.  (That shouldn't make any difference, either.)

Upgrade RTG Bills to fix the problem.