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Balance due is "0.00 CR"

Q: Why do some matters show a balance due of "0.00 CR"?

A: Older versions of RTG Bills sometimes rounded off the amount of an hourly rate transaction or a unit cost transaction incorrectly. Instead of $1,410.00 it might save the amount internally as $1,409.9999. Reports and bills will show $1,410.00 because they round off the displayed amount to two decimal places.

However, when the client pays $1,410.00, the matter balance will be -$0.0001, which displays as "0.00 CR". Because the balance is not exactly zero, the matter will show up on the Matter Aging report and on the bills.

You can download a small program to fix the problem matters. It is the same program that fixes the "Invalid use of Null" problem.

The rounding error which caused this problem was corrected in RTG Bills Version 1.25.