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Bill (or prebill) doesn't print

Q: Why didn't a bill (or prebill) print?

A: There are several reasons why a bill for a particular matter might not print. Consider each of these possibilities for the matter which didn't print. (The logic used for View Bills is the same as for Print Bills, so if the bill is created for View it will also Print.)

Reason 1: The Billing Cycle wasn't selected.

Go to Edit > Matters and look up the matter. Note the setting for Billing Cycle on the Billing-1 tab. Normally this should be Month to send monthly bills.

When you print more than one bill or prebill, you have to check off the Billing Cycles you want printed. If the Billing Cycle for the matter is Quarter, it won't print unless Quarter is checked. Also, if the Billing Cycle for the matter is HOLD, it will never print (until you change it from HOLD to something else). That's what HOLD is for: to prevent a matter from being billed.

However, if One Matter is chosen instead of Matter Range or All Matters, then it should print regardless of the Billing Cycle.

Reason 2: The matter is not set to bill fees and/or expenses.

While you are looking at the Billing-1 tab for the matter, look at the Bill frame. The usual choice here is Both, to bill both fees and expenses. If it is set to Neither, then new fees and expenses won't be billed.

Reason 3: The matter was already billed on or after the Cutoff Date.

You can't bill the same matter twice unless you change the Cutoff Date for fees and expenses to a later date. After all, why would you bill the same period twice? (If you just want another copy of the same bill, choose Reprint Bills instead of Print Bills from the Bills menu.)

Of course, if something was wrong with the bill, you can cancel the last bill for the matter, make corrections, and print a corrected bill using the same Cutoff Dates.

Reason 4: The client doesn't owe anything on this matter and there are no new fees, expenses, payments, or adjustments for this matter since the last bill.

If the bill would just show zero everywhere, it doesn't print.

Normally, if the client has a credit balance for the matter (a fee credit, an expense credit, or both), the bill will not print. However, if you want a bill to print when the matter shows a credit and no other activity, check the box labeled Send bills that show a credit balance under Setup > Other > Firm.

Normally, if the matter has a retainer balance and no other activity, a bill will not print. Here again, there is an option to change that. Check the box labeled Send bills if retainer balance is not zero under Setup > Other > Firm.

Reason 5: The balance due is zero, there are no new fees or expenses, and you set the option to skip bills with a zero balance.

As an option, RTG Bills can suppress bills that would show a zero balance due, even if there are payments or adjustments.  That option is discussed here.