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Missing shorthand codes

Q: My shorthand codes are missing from RTG Bills. How can I get them back?

A: In RTG Bills, the shorthand codes are in a separate file for each user. The file is named with the first 8 letters of the username, with the extension ".ini". For example, the Supervisor has the codes in the file Supervis.ini. (The names are all case-insensitive.) There are other user-specific settings in the file as well.

Exit RTG Bills. If you have a backup of the file, restore it to the Data Location. You can see the Data Location in the System Information report. When you start RTG Bills again, it will get the shorthand codes from that file.

Q: How does this happen?

A: The "ini" file is read when RTG Bills starts and written when RTG Bills exits. If something goes wrong in reading or writing the file, you may get a file with default values for all settings and no shorthand codes.

Q: What about RTG Timer?

A: The shorthand codes are in the file abbrev.dat, in the Data Location for RTG Timer. If you have a backup, restore that file to get the shorthand codes back.